Graduation Comes Home

Graduation Comes Home

Joseph Lynch, Staff Reporter

The Graduation ceremony will take place on the football field Vs. the Family Arena

 Where: On the Football Field


Sunday May, 18 at 4:30 p.m.


The reason behind the decision is that the School Board wants to have more involvement locally within our district for special events.


Plan B:

If bad weather occurs, the ceremony will take place in the gymnasium.

Here’s a few responses to these ideas:

Brian Howard: “I do like the idea of graduation being here at North” said Howard. He thinks that some of the students could be too loud during the ceremony and it could be distracting with all of the common sounds you would hear outside. “I like the idea of it being much closer to home“ Brian said.

Logan Baker: “I don’t like the decision of graduation being at school this year one bit,” Logan said. Logan thinks it’s going to be too hot outside in those gowns. Logan thinks it will be smaller and less memorable since our past classes have had theirs at the Family Arena.

 John Easter: “I do actually really like the decision on it being at school“ said John. “It will be much closer and just seems right considering it’s at our high school,” said John. John is hoping for good weather and thinks it’s a good idea to have outside since the gym is too crowded.

 Ms. Hobin: “I love the fact that graduation is going back to our school” said Hobin. “It’s where I had my graduation and it will bring back the memories and fun I had,” said Hobin. Ms. Hobin hopes it continues here because it’s more memorable and simpler and hopes for good weather.