Tennis team nets $1,200 for program


Joseph Lynch, Staff Reporter

By: Joseph Lynch

Staff Reporter



It’s never too early to start lending a hand. For the girls tennis team, they prove this every year bright and early on a Saturday morning at their annual breakfast at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Every September, as the season is just beginning, the team will go and help work at the Longhorn. The team serves as hostesses and waitresses for the morning while the regular employees are back in the kitchen preparing food. This process continues for about three to four hours so that the tennis team can raise as much money as possible.

This year the team raised $1,200 for their program and helped more than 200 guests while collecting about 100-plus canned goods for our school’s Food for Thought program.

“I love seeing all of us come together and work as a team,” junior Gabrielle Hays said. “Since it was my third year working, I was a little more excited because I know we get tips when working there.”

The tennis team receives wonderful complements from teachers, parents and the Longhorn staff on how helpful and great job they do.

“Being a coach, it’s one of the proudest days for our team off the court for our players,” said Coach Bonner.

A big contribution to the fund besides the normal everyday customers is the football team. The tennis team loved seeing them come in because they were a big crowd and it was some familiar faces.

“They all have a ball and look forward to this event each year,” said Ms. Bonner. The Longhorn employees enjoy having them around just as much as the team loves being there.