Community garden expands


Mickael Vurro, Staff Reporter

By: Mickael Vurro

Staff Reporter

 IMG_3708 copyLast April, an idea that was hatched by a few teachers and students became a reality as the community garden officially opened on Earth Day.Today, the garden is flourishing and a new phase was added on Sept. 18 with the installation of eight raised bins and a compost bin.

“The JV soccer team helped with the shoveling and used team work to help complete the project,” said Coach Bender.

Along with the JV soccer team, many other students helped out for some extra credit.

“It felt good to help out with the project and appreciate Mother Nature,” said senior Mason Clayton.

A small grant got the Gardening Club started on the project from the beginning.  However, it was not enough to cover the expensive supplies but no one expected the garden to get a bigger grant from the Gateway Greening organization. With their help, the garden can grow and prosper into a welcoming place.

“Currently, there are 12 flower beds that have vegetables and some herbs,” said Ms. Hancock, who was one of the teachers who organized the project.

Some of those include tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, lettuce and even some herbs.

“Our garden is actually a very unique endeavor because it’s considered a community garden as well as a school garden,” said Ms. King.

The maintenance is divided throughout the garden club members and other classrooms that take part in the project. While few foods will grow in the winter, perennials will be here in the spring. Other items that are grown are rose bushes, fruit trees and other perennials.

“I felt proud when I volunteered with the garden club on the first day,” said senior Nakayla Easter.