Seven Steps to Your Future


Micheala Woods, Staff Reporter

By: Micheala Woods

Staff Reporter




1. Make a list of at least 5 college choices – Include a top choice and a back up plan in case things do not go as planned

2. Get on the University’s website – Be sure they have your major – How much are tuition and fees? – Do they have the activities you would like to participate in? – Is it located somewhere you like? – What is the average class size? – Check out the University police page on the school’s website to get an idea of the crime rate on campus.

3. Find out the college’s requirements – What are the high school classes required to be on your transcript? – What is the average GPA of accepted students? Do they accept weighted GPA’s? – What is the average ACT/SAT score accepted? Does the school require the writing portion? – When is their deadline for applying? – Do they require essays in their application process?

4. Financial Aid – What scholarships does the college offer? – Fill out the FASFA with your guardian

5. Visit the campus – Set up a visit to the University by getting on their website. Look for the visit link.

6. Apply – Apply while on the visit at the school, online, or by using a mail-in application. – You will need to send in a completed application, official ACT/SAT score report, transcripts, and application fee.

7. Follow the University’s steps – After being accepted, each school has different steps to follow next such as Housing payments or payments