Winter dance in the works

Jennifer Fowler, Editor-In-Chief

By: Jennifer Fowler


After the high wears off from the party of homecoming, the hiatus between October and May seems like an eternity.  The next dance that conjures excitement is prom, which is exclusively for juniors and seniors. What’s now in development is a winter dance, currently being discussed by student council, set to happen next semester.

“For a long time we’ve always had three dances. But we couldn’t in recent years, because students wouldn’t buy enough tickets,” said student council representative Ms. Palliser. “We need enough tickets purchased to cover the cost.”

The Communications Arts teacher claims that dress code would be enforced at the dance, but it wouldn’t be as strict as homecoming.

“Girls wouldn’t necessarily be in dresses,” she said.

Ms. Palliser also says that if the dance were to become a reality, ticket prices would be low, around $10 for one week, and increase to $15 the next.

“It would be much more low key than homecoming, and definitely not as formal. The dance would be in the gym, and it would be very simple. All we care for is good people and good music.”

Senior Matt Graham is president of student council, and feels positive towards the idea of a winter dance.

“Homecoming and prom are usually successful, so kids must like dances at our school,” Graham said.

He feels that a winter dance would be a laid back change from the usual two dances, and it would be much more fun.

“There wouldn’t be any court, so there would mostly be all dancing. And there would be a good outcome. If girls go, guys will want to go.”

Iyana Smith is more hesitant toward the idea, as students wouldn’t be excited to come to a dance in the cold.

“Most people would think, ‘Who wants to put on a dress in the cold and go inside?’” the senior said.

Smith says it’s just an idea in progress, but it’s a big risk.

“The last time a winter dance was planned it was unsuccessful, so if we have one we really need support.”

Preparation for the dance is occurring and the event is set to happen in early February.