Mardi Gras madness


Jennifer Fowler, Editor-In-Chief

By Jennifer Fowler


_IGP0074 copyTickets have gone on sale for McCluer North’s Winter Dance, and the reaction has been an amalgam of hesitance and wariness. Students don’t know whether they’re going or not, only because their clique of friends is undecided. Kids don’t want to try something new if their friends aren’t, and that creates a chain of students who end up missing out on the experience. Vice President of Student Council Malik Jones is confident that the dance will do well, and that ticket sales will compare to that of Homecoming.

“Homecoming usually sells around 900 tickets, and I’ve been convincing a lot of my friends to go.”

It has been confirmed that Jones’ dad will be the DJ for the night, and a suggestion box has been placed in the Student Center for students to have their pick of music.

“We’re pretty sure it’s a DJ people will be happy with,” said Student Council representative Mr. Bender.

Bender is very hopeful for the turnout of the dance, hoping that it sells at least half as many tickets as Homecoming, or at least reaching their 100 ticket window.

“We need 100 tickets sold to put on the dance, and whatever else we make can be used for decor or be put towards other things.”

The Social Studies teacher feels like the dance should be seen more as a party instead of a formal dance, with minimal decor and no food.

“We made the dance shorter than usual dances so people could go out to eat before or after,” he said.

With more promotion, Jones believes the Student Council can bring a nice amount of people in. They’ve been making daily announcements on the Star News, hanging up flyers, and passing out reminders during lunch.

“It’s something new, and students are so hesitant because prom is coming up soon and they’re more focused on cost. But the dance is not dressy,” the senior assured.

“People are just waiting for the right people in their group to say they’ll go,” Bender said.

With this idea being entirely experimental, Student Council can only hope that the event goes smoothly.

“Hopefully the dance is a smashing success,” Bender exclaimed.