No more snow days


Kiana Harvey, Staff Reporter

By: Kiana Harvey

Staff Reporter

DSC_0289 copyImmediately after the winter break, the entire St. Louis area suffered from a snowstorm and all Ferguson-Florissant School District schools were forced to miss the entire first week of the second semester.

Due to the inclement weather and unclear roads and sidewalks, the district felt that it was unsafe for students to travel to and from school.

“The wind chill and temperature was definitely cold enough to cancel school,” Dr. Hopper said. “Superintendents talk with one another and make decisions; I definitely trust their decisions.”

Three days out of the school year were available for snow days; however, the district has used seven. This means there are four days of school that have to be made up; so, no more snow days.

Friday, Feb. 14 was previously scheduled as a non-attendance day, but as of now it will be a full day for all staff and students.

Monday, April 21 was at first scheduled as a Spring Holiday, but it will now be a full attendance day as well.

Thursday, May 22 was previously the last day of school. Because of the need for a make-up day, the last day of school will be Friday, May 27.

Due to these changes, parent/teacher conferences that were scheduled for Feb. 10- 13 will no longer be held.

Jana Shortt, Director of Communications & Marketing of Ferguson- Florissant School District, explains that for this school year the district has three days “built in” to the calendar for snow days.

“By law, schools in Missouri must be open at least 174 days each year,” Shortt said. “We planned to be open 177 days, so that means we had three days on the calendar that were ‘extra’.”

Before the winter break began, one of those snow days had already been taken on Friday, Dec 6. The Monday and Tuesday that school was supposed to resume took the remaining two snow days. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday took days that need to be made up.  In addition to that, schools were closed on Tuesday, Jan. 21 due to extremely cold weather.

Surely, the students were excited about this extended break.

“I was happy I didn’t have to go school,” said junior Makayla Turner. “I sat in the house and watched TV all day.”

But as for students making up those days, not so much excitement. “I’m really mad because the last two days we missed, Thursday and Friday, was dumb,” Makayla said.

As the students sat back and relaxed at home on these snow days, the principals and administrators had an important responsibility.

“I have to make phone calls and check the facilities; pretty much do whatever the district asks,” Dr. Hopper said.

It has been several years since a situation this bad has occurred. But, unfortunately, all Ferguson- Florissant School District schools will have to make up four days.