Out with the old, in with the new


Miche-Ala Woods, Staff Reporter

By Miche-Ala Woods

Staff Reporter
microwave1 copyAs a part of Malik Jones’ student council campaign for vice president, he made promises to bring change to the school that would actually benefit students. Not even a month later after being elected, Jones has already begun working on a project for the school.

Microwaves in the concourse for student use, have been reduced from two to one and unfortunately it stays in pretty bad shape. The inside is full of shriveled peas, carrots, burnt Ramen Noodles and also caked-on napkins from kids trying to cover up the dirty microwave plate before they put their food on it.

“People don’t respect the microwaves and measures should definitely be taken. For some reason people like to trash the microwave,” said senior Kyra Smith-Jones, who uses the microwaves on the regular.

Jones heard what Kyra and other students were saying and attended a Building Improvement Committee (BIC) to propose bringing in more microwaves. He is also a student that uses the microwaves and feels the pain of everyone else.

“I was tired of standing in a line and wasting half my lunch time to heat my food,” he said.

Many teachers who were present at the meet were unaware of the microwave issue and were open to listen. Others such as custodial staff and Mr. Smith were concerned about keeping the new microwaves clean if they were to new ones.

While all the teachers agreed to the idea of bringing in more microwaves, the issue at hand is keeping them clean. Suggestions that were brought up included keeping paper towels next to the microwaves and the student must wipe it before and after use. Social studies teacher, Mr. Flanders, also offered to clean the microwaves during his off hour, as long as he is not the only one making an effort.

Currently DECA has donated two new microwaves for student use. According to DECA sponsor, Mr. Lapinski, they are waiting for someone to come to them with the plans for when the microwaves will be installed and ready for student use.

“It feels really good to know my idea is actually being worked on because I’m heloing my school and fulfilling my promises as vice president because I promised change,” Jones said.

Kyra is very impressed with Malik’s work so far because most students wouldn’t take the initiative.

“Even though it’s just a microwave, it shows a lot of character,” she said.