Extended School Year


Hannah Goodman

Kiana Harvey, Staff Reporter



Students and faculty must make up school days missed

By Kiana Harvey/Staff Reporter

It seems that Ferguson-Florissant schools never have the school year that’s been arranged. Last year it was the snow; this time a specific incident resulted in violence and unrest in Ferguson. Because of this, the district cancelled all the schools for their first six days of the 2014-2015 school year (August 14-22), beginning school on August 25th.

Due to the transportation issues caused by the unrest (closed and obstructed streets) and concerns for the safety of the students, the district made the decision to call off all schools until the unrest had settled down.

However, for students and faculty, the school days missed must be compensated later in the year.

“The Board of Education felt that it was important to maintain the District’s planned 177 days of student attendance this school year,” the Director of Communication & Marketing of Ferguson-Florissant, Jana Shortt said.

“The Board voted to make up all of the six days that were missed.”

Fortunately for seniors, their last day of school is May 14th and their graduation date is set for May 17th at the St. Charles Family Arena.  However, for underclassmen, if snow days are needed, then those make up days will be added on after May 29th.

There have been multiple changes to this school year’s calendar.

The students were not very pleased with the decisions made by the Board.

“I don’t believe we should be penalized for the actions of others,” junior Marcus Harris said.

Even the teachers were unhappy about the make up days.

“I’m very upset,” librarian Mrs. Williams said.

“They didn’t make the Joplin schools make up days after the tornado; it’s unfair.”

Everyone loves to have a longer break from school, but that can sometimes go wrong. Just like with the snow days from last year, everyone will have to make up the days missed.