Ready, set, chop


Trelisa Harris, Staff Reporter

choppedStudents compete against McCluer and MSB in cooking contest

By Trelisa Harris/Staff Reporter


Inspired by the Food Network T.V. show “Chopped”, McCluer North competed against McCluer and MSB  in a cooking challenge here in Ms. Benney’s Prostart classroom on Wednesday, Oct. 22nd. It was the district’s first Prostart cooking competition.
The objective was to incorporate the mandatory ingredient, sweet potatoes, in a dish of each team’s choice. North’s team of Freddie Schaljo, Kaitlyn Tebeau, and Richard “Kevin” King chose to make sweet potato burritos, which consisted of sweet potatoes, kidney beans, sautéed onions and spices. Sour cream was used as the garnish. The teams had one hour to complete their dishes.
Junior Kevin King thought the competition was a good idea because he would someday like to become a chef himself. He believed he served an important role on his team.
“I kept everyone working at a conscious pace. Steady and aware of the time.”  He liked being able to do his own thing.
“The cooking was really easy. The hard part was opening the cans, considering we only had an hour and waiting as the judges ate and scored our food.”
The judges then scored by taste, composition and appeal, and how well the group worked together.
MSB took the victory. King believes it is because they had a better recipe, which were sweet potato tacos.
“It’s cool that they won first place and we won second because no one will be able to say we had an advantage because we knew our way around the kitchens,” King said.
Senior Freddie Schaljo believes they finished second because of their composition, the way they presented their dish.
“We only lost by three points,” Schaljo said. Schaljo plans on studying business management in college and owning his own restaurant.
Schaljo is a senior, but King, a junior, is excited for next year.
“I enjoyed myself. It was new for me. Next year is when the competition really begins,” King said.