Odd Love

Woman stabbed 32 times married her first responder

Madison Henke, Staff Reporter

Sometimes meeting someone happens in odd ways, but for Michelle Dohne she met her husband Cameron Hill which who had been her first responder.

Michelle had met Robert in high school. According to bbc.com Michelle states “We hung out all the time, texting and talking. He was very charming and funny and kind of like a gentle giant.”

As Michelle noticed his behavior changing, she tried to leave the relationship. Robert told Michelle, “She should be helping him, not abandoning him.”

Robert also stated killing himself if Michelle left. The relationship had escalated to physical abuse. He had started to physically abuse her one day in October of 2011. Robert was charged for domestic battery and sentenced 10 hours in jail.

In late January of 2012, Michelle had received a call at two in the morning from Robert saying “that he had went to court that morning for the battery charge, and that he needed closure from the relationship and needed a hug.” Robert told Michelle if she saw him one more time he would leave her alone. When Michelle had walked out there for a hug, he had a switchable blade in his hand and repeatedly stabbed her.

Michelle had gotten stabbed 32 times which included 19 times in her head, neck, and face and 13 times in her hands and arms from trying to defend herself. Michelle received many other injuries which included a broken jaw and skull, a fractured nose and head, a severed facial nerve and had been paralysed on the right side of her face. First Responders gave Michelle 12 units of blood when the body only holds seven. Burton was given life sentence without parole in August 2013 after pleading guilty to attempting first degree murder.

First Responder, Cameron Hill, 42 had helped carry her beaten body to a helicopter. Hill claims he knew he would see her again and that she would survive. When Hill and Dohme reconnected two months later at a luncheon. They had went on many dates. Cameron had stayed by her side in 2013 when she went to court to face the man who had tried to kill her. A couple of years later, Michelle was invited to give the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, in recognition of her work in schools talking about violent relationships. When Michelle was on the mound, there was no baseball so Cameron had brought her one from the dugout.  “Will you marry me?” was written on the baseball. The duo tied the knot earlier on in March.

Without the abuse from her previous boyfriend Dohme has started sharing her story with her husband by her side.