On the “Moo”ve

The cows that ran away


Fox 2 News and The Kelly Manno Show

News footage of one of the cows is captioned with a hashtag to promote the GoFundMe fundraiser to save the cows

Samantha Weir, Staff Reporter

It was the great escape that saved their lives. Bound for the slaughterhouse, six runaway cows are now on their way to a new home.

Thursday, March 30, 2017, began like any other day but what happened next was about to make the day interesting. Around one in the afternoon, six cattle broke through an unlatched iron fence at the Star Packing Co., a butcher shop in St. Louis, Missouri. Fourth District Captain Renee Kriesmann said that “the cattle slipped away through an unsecured door.”

The police were called in to get the cattle back, and they worked with animal control officers and the Humane Society of Missouri. The St. Louis Missouri Police officers kept updating the community through twitter and other media outlets. By 6:06 in the afternoon, they posted on twitter that “all six cows have been contained”. According to the St. Louis Post dispatch, the episode of the runaway cows got a good amount of publicity, and the movement to save the cattle from the slaughterhouse began. “Radio hot Kelly Manno, who launched a GoFundMe page for one of the animals, donated $2,700 to the Gentle Barn organization to take in the cattle,” wrote Kevin Held, a reporter for Fox 2.

Farm Sanctuary, an association that gives farm animals a safe place to live their lives, has suggested that the six cows come to their sanctuaries in California and Tennessee.