Chaos in the EU

Long line of negotiations headed EU’s way

Payton Woodruff, Staff Reporter

A total of 28 countries in our neighboring European region have had political and economic ties for centuries, all being part of the European Union (EU). However, that will all soon go to ruin considering Britain’s June decision to withdraw from the European Union. In that referendum, 52 percent of voters chose to depart.
The withdrawal is most commonly referred to as “Brexit” or British-Exit. Recently on Wednesday Britain sent in the finalized letter to Brussels, Belgium saying goodbye to the EU.
Though there will still be countless, and most likely messy, negotiations need to be made in the near future between the now 27 EU countries and Great Britain.. “The talks will encompass a dizzying array of subjects, including trade terms, immigration rules, financial regulations and, of course, money,” according to the Washington Post. With this being said, the UK is not likely to officially leave the European union until around 2019.
If not, to top that off, “Scottish lawmakers voted 69-59 in favor of an independence referendum,” said CNN. This then allowed First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, the chance to ask the parliament of the United Kingdom for said referendum in the coming 2018-2019 years. With the heavy stress of Britain exiting the EU,Prime Minister, Theresa May, shot down the request quickly. “Now is not the time for a vote that could break up the United Kingdom,” said May according to CNN.
The European Union has much to negotiate through before any declarations can finally be made. Then after that Scotland may be able to convince the parliament of their independence. However, for now, Europe has some tough political times ahead.