New Approach on the Environment

EPA executive order attempts to cut climate change regulations

Payton Woodruff, Staff Reporter

After recently stirring up trouble with the Environmental Protection Agency by proposing a cut to approximately one third of its budget, President Trump is back for yet another blow.
March 28, President Trump signed an executive order at the Environmental Protection Agency which, as of now, looks to dismantle government enforced climate regulations implemented during the Obama administration. Officials say the order aims to curb government enforcement and regulations on issues such as rising sea levels and temperatures, which are both contributors to climate change.
“My action today is the latest in steps to grow American jobs, ending the theft of prosperity,” said Trump while singing the order.
By rejecting Obama-era orders to aid in climate change, the President says it will make way to “eliminate federal overreach and start a new era of production and job creation.”
Essentially, the new executive order is paving way for the idea that American jobs are priority against climate change. Specifically, Trump wants an economic spark in the job market and business area of coal mining and the coal industry.
The order also allows federal regulators to revise key rules, such as the Clean Power Plan, which were put in place to curb U.S. carbon emissions detrimental to the atmosphere. In addition, it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions which are a result of the nation’s electric plants.
“Trump is deliberately destroying programs that create jobs and safeguards that protect our air and water, all for the sake of allowing corporate polluters to profit at our expense,” said Tom Steyer, president of NextGen Climate.
However, some experts are saying the order is just another promise with no actual plans to go off of. There is still regulatory processes that have to be gone through in order to completely erase the environmental work and protections that have been implemented thus far. Agencies do not yet have the legality to meet certain regulations such as the Clean Air Act.
What can only be said thus far is that Trump has made it clear which direction he will be taking when it comes to regulations and reform considering climate change and the environment.