Walking No More

Delmar Loop builds trolleys for easier transport

A model of the Loop Trolley

Tony Schanuel and Loop Trolley

A model of the Loop Trolley

Dexter Swims, Staff Reporter

Labeled “one of the greatest streets in America,” by American Planning Association, the Delmar Loop has been around since the early 1900’s. With six blocks of shops, art galleries and restaurants, it is one of the main attractions in the St. Louis area. Tourists walk down the strip exploring the shops, but six blocks can be exhausting for people. The Loop Trolley Development District is currently building a trolley route to transport tourists to places in the Loop. The route is 2.2 miles and will link University City with Forest Park.

“This is great because I won’t have to walk around as much,” said junior Alea Williams.

The project was first proposed in 1998 by Joe Edwards, but the Loop Trolley Company did not get established until 2005. The Trolley’s opening was suppose to be in late 2016 but is now unknown due to tests and construction.

Sophomore Keith Smith said, “I hope that it is running by the summer time. It will be too hot to be walking around.”

Junior Radford Beasley also said, “Now I can enjoy my time at the Loop without having to worry about walking so much.”

The Loop Trolley project costs $51 million but the Federal Transit Administration is helping with funding by donating $25 million, making it the cheapest trolley project around.