Holocaust Monument Vandalized

For the second time in one year, the Holocaust monument has been vandalized


New England Holocaust Memorial

Madison Henke, Staff Reporter

The debate over Confederate monuments has gotten intense. Since the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white nationalist and other groups protested about the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee. Many public and private monuments have been vandalized following the clash in Virginia.

The New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston was vandalized Monday. Each of the panels is engraved with thousands of numbers representing the six million jews murdered by the Nazi regime. The monument is a series of 54 foot high towers, each made of glass panels. A panel on a tower was shattered. The memorial was dedicated in 1995 to the six million jews who were murdered by the Nazis, the deadliest phase of the Holocaust. The panel was broken by a rock being thrown at it. The suspect was a 17 year old from Malden, Massachusetts. Two bystanders had tackled the young man and held him down until law enforcement arrived.

He was charged with disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property of 250 dollars, and causing injury to a church over five thousand dollars. This was the second time the monument had been vandalized. In June. a 21 year old from Roxbury, Massachusetts, James R Isaac was arraigned on charges similar to the suspect of this vandalism

Scott Strauss and his family said his grandparents on both sides were survivors, he stated that he wanted to show his children the memorial.

“Clearly this type of behavior will not be tolerated in our city” said police commissioner, William B Evans according to the New York Times.

Police did not state a reason, but the damage did come three days after the violence in Charlottesville. Civil Rights Groups and Jewish organizations have stated concern that in the rally of Charlottesville and it has displayed racism and Nazi emblems.

Executive director Jeremy Burton had contacted Holocaust survivors and their relatives in the area to inform them of the vandalism in conversations of pain.

In safety of the monument, one police will be dispatched there at night to protect the monument.