Packing a Punch

Hurricane Maria demolishes Puerto Rico


CBS News

Zach Stevens, Staff Reporter

A number of Puerto Rican citizens were killed by the horrifying Hurricane Maria, which was a massive Category 5 hurricane that completely demolished the country of Puerto Rico.

In all the storm claimed the lives of 88 people in and around Puerto Rico. Maria is now classified as the worst natural disaster on record in the Dominica, as well as being the 10th strongest Atlantic hurricane on record, according to the National Weather Service. Now, a month after the storm made landfall on Puerto Rico, only 16 percent of the entire country has power.

“There is no estimated date right now…our expectation within the next month is to have 25 percent of the power restored,” said Governor Ricardo Rosella of Puerto Rico.

To completely repair the island’s electricity, it will cost around $5 billion dollars, which was pretty much completely destroyed by the storm. The entire country has been running on generators and battery operated lights to give its residents a little electricity.

Due to the lack of electricity, the health care system in Puerto Rico has taken a major hit.

“Because of the electricity situation, a lot of people died, and are still dying,” said Lisandra Figueroa, daughter of Harry Figueroa, who passed away a few weeks ago. “You can’t get sick now.”

Anyone who is seeking medical assistance, is struggling to find health due to most of the country needing oxygen.

“It’s very critical…the whole island is critical, especially for oxygen,” said Maria Jacobo, the administrator for Hima Hospital in San Pablo, Puerto Rico.

The country expects to have full restoration of power within the next few months, but it will cost not only time but money and effort. With hurricane season still in effect, Puerto Rico remains on high alert across the Atlantic.