A House of Cards Falls

Sexual misconduct allegations appear and ruin actor’s reputation



Kevin Spacey, award-winning actor known for roles as John Doe in Se7en (pictured), finds himself under sexual misconduct allegations.

Ian Obst, Online Editor

As the list of sexual misconduct allegations grows, from film producer Harvey Weinstein to comedian Louis CK, famous actor Kevin Spacey finds himself added to that list following accusations about an incident thirty years ago.

The actor, known for his roles as Frank Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards and John Doe in the 1995 David Fincher film Se7en, gained quick controversy late October, when Broadway and television actor Anthony Rapp came out and described an incident between the two. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the actor described that at a party in 1986, Spacey climbed on top of him and made a sexual advance. At the time, Rapp was 14, and Spacey was 26.

“I still to this day can’t wrap my head around so many aspects of it. It’s just deeply confusing to me,” said Rapp, now 46, to BuzzFeed.

Spacey was quick to respond, making a post on Twitter. In it, he described not remembering the event, but apologized for “what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”

The allegations picked up after Rapp’s story. Fourteen other accusers came forward with similar stories to Rapp, including Harry Dreyfus and filmmaker Tony Montana. In response, Netflix suspended filming of the sixth season of House of Cards, before firing him from the production entirely in early November. His role in the Ridley Scott film All the Money in the World was also cut, with the necessary scenes being redone with actor Christopher Plummer in Spacey’s role. His earning of the International Emmy Founders Award was also revoked in light of the allegations.

The events also earned comments from other actors, the most published being from Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle actor Bryan Cranston. Regarding both Spacey and the previously accused Weinstein, Cranston said that it is possible for them and others to come back.

“It would take a society to forgive them and it would take tremendous contrition on their part,” said Cranston in an interview with BBC News. “And a knowingness that they have a deeply-rooted psychological, emotional problem and it takes years to mend that.”

He said that shutting them away from Hollywood was unnecessary, and that people should “be bigger than that.”

Projects that previously involved Spacey are set to continue without his involvement. House of Cards is slated to continue and end its storyline in 2018 without Spacey’s character due to the end of the previous season, and All the Money in the World is set for release soon with its redone scenes. During this time, Spacey has been seeking treatment and has been reportedly seen at The Meadows clinic in Arizona.