Deadliest Earthquake of 2017

Iranian and Iraq border hit with mass destruction


New York Times

Citizens stay in the streets outside Pol-e Zahab, a city hit hard by the earthquake.

Payton Woodruff, Staff Reporter

A devastating scene played out as citizens dug through rubble of the deadliest earthquake of the 2017 year in search of family members, friends, or any survivors left in the destruction. The earthquake hit the night of November 12 near the border of Iraq and Iran and was said to have been felt as far as Turkey and Pakistan. An estimated 500 people were killed and thousands more suffered from injury in this 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

The epicenter of the quake was centered on the Iranian side of the border in rural country towns. Most heavily hit was the province Kermanshah in western Iran where approximately 240 people died in its city of Pol-e Zahab alone.

The Iranian foreign prime minister, Javad Zarif, commented on a statement, “ Heartbreaking images from the earthquake damage and loss of life in Kermanshah. We are grateful for global expressions of sympathy and offers of assistance. For now, we can manage with our own resources. Many thanks for all offers and we will keep you posted.”

Iranian Red Crescent Society and Revolutionary guards have been traveling around the country in an effort to rescue and aid the hurricane victims. Citizens have lined up to donate blood trying to assist in any way.

The region has has a history with natural disaster having suffered from many earthquakes in the past. This is due to the fact that Iran sits between the Eurasian and Arabian plates which is a major fault line. They have experienced worst quakes in the past decade. However, this was the deadliest one so far this year.