Open to success

Jacob Leslie, Staff Reporter

I believe McCluer North should implement an open campus policy at lunch for all juniors and seniors who qualify. Qualifying students must have achieved in the previous semester the following: a 3.5 GPA, at least a 90 percent attendance rate, and no referrals.

To identify the students in the program, they would wear a special, color-coded I.D. These students would then be allowed to leave school during their lunch period. And, as this is a privilege, open campus can and would be revoked from a student or students for the following reasons: if they were late to their 5th hour class five or more times in a semester, showed that they were incompetent and/or irresponsible in their behavior.

In essence, a kind of maturity level would be assessed as well in making the decision to allow students to have an open campus.

Having an open campus would benefit both students and the school itself. Students would be able to get out of school and get some fresh air and also get some experience with time management. Plus, students would be able to be more social with their peers. Students could also save money by eating at home if their house is nearby the school.

The school would benefit from the alleviation of congestion in the cafeteria and the shortening of the length and wait of the lunch lines. The school would also not need to spend quite as much on school lunches with a good portion of students leaving to get food from other sources.

With a parent consent and student waiver form, the school would insure that they could not be held responsible for any misuse of the open campus policy or if an accident were to happen. Parents would also have the option to of course say no to allowing their student to leave campus during their child’s lunch shift.

Students cannot learn how to handle responsibility without first being given some. With this, students could learn that and enjoy life off campus.