Being There is Half the Battle in Life

Dr. Hopper, Principal

We recently started a new program called “It Pays to Go to Class, It Pays to Go to School.” With the generosity of our Parent Teacher Group, we were able to have funds (this school year) to give a student five dollars a day. The criteria: attend school for your entire daily schedule and have no tardies. If you meet these stipulations, then you become eligible. The last step would be to have your name drawn.

Tardies are the number one disciplinary item we have at McCluer North. We absolutely know that students with limited tardies do better in the classroom academically. Why is this? In life, whether job, school, or any other situation, being there is half the battle. By default, if you are absent or late all the time, you are missing something that might be vital for your getting ahead in the game.

We care about your being “THERE.” That is why we make such a big deal out of it. Your success is directly tied into good attendance and being on time. Also, these are traits you need to have for your entire future work and school life. Learn now and get a jump on possible opportunities. Who knows, you might even have a five-dollar bill for doing the expected!