Find out what it means to me

Kamaria Keely, Staff reporter


here is a seven letter word that everyone knows, but not everyone internalizes. Everyone wants but not everyone gives. And this word is RESPECT. Of course, we all know that respect is showing regard to or consideration of someone regardless of your own views.

Unfortunately – in this case – there is a huge difference between knowing and doing. Ever since my first day of school, I have been in many classes in which the students disrespect their teachers. A lot of times it is because students do not want to do what they are told. So instead of doing what the teacher wants them to do, they are rebellious.

I am just being 100 percent honest: This kind of behavior disgusts me to the core! When a student is disrespectful to a teacher, the immaturity level seeps out of their pores like poison. First off, the teacher is an adult. So there is no reason that you would should be rude to them.

Now, I understand that some teachers do not have the best control over their class and maybe their “authoritative tone” seems more like a timid whisper. But that does not give the students the right to walk all over them.

If you see that a teacher does not have complete control over the class, it would be wiser for you to still show them respect. Doing this shows just how mature you are. Of course, when a person is weaker than you, it is easy to manipulate them, but that does not make it right. It does not give you any real power.

Plus, when you get out into the real world, there are people who do not accept this kind of attitude and behavior from you. Some people are probably going to say, “I already know this.” Well, then stop practicing a false perception of power! If you know better do better: it is just that simple.

If you want respect, though it is not always a guaranteed, try giving it first. Do not be a hypocrite. R-E-S-P-E-C-T  What does it mean to you?