Am I on lockdown?

Lara Hamdan, Editor-in-chief


I am sure by now we have all felt the slight changes in the school’s rules for safety measures. Whether it is having to enter school in the morning by the main back door instead of the slightly shorter side door, to having to show your I.D. before continuing on entering the main building, we see that the school is hearing the calls of parents and students to make this school a safer place.

No one wants to see tragedies happen, but sometimes they can shed a light on issues that have been ignored. Without the Sandy Hook shooting, an immediate response for new security precautions might have not swept the nation.

It became evident how easy it was for students to sneak into the building without much hassle.  So McCluer North decided on a new plan. Every student and teacher now has a picture I.D. and is required to wear it all the time (which I do admit is sort of a hassle for me since I do have a tendency to lose my I.D. if I actually wear it). Before, it would stay safely in my bag and I would pull it out when I was asked to. Now, I usually take it off when I’m in my car and leave it in there, which causes me to forget it and leading to me having to pay $5 for an I.D. This seems pretty extreme to me, especially if you accidentally forgot your I.D. at home, and the consequence is $5. I think the temporary I.D.s should be brought back since photo proof is looked for before the temporary is given.

I think that the locking of doors is OK and is for the better. It may seem troublesome for students who have to rearrange their routes in the morning on getting to school through a certain door, but it is not a major change and students will get used to it quickly. Also, it can help with watching who is entering and leaving the building since the cameras can detect easily who came into the building.

Since there are only two doors for entrance available, if someone was to intrude the school but entering a door that was not supposed to be opened, multiple people are to blame since side doors can only be opened from the inside.

This will definitely be a challenge for our security team since there are people who will want to challenge the new rules, such as the recent adults lying to the security at the desk and causing trouble. It should be understood that they did what they were supposed to do and nobody was able to predict that fight.

Our security is doing the best it can and we need to keep in mind that this is for our best interest and our safety.