Are you a hypebeast?

Azaria Pearson, Staff reporter


A hypebeast is a person who follows or jumps onto a trend or “hype” regardless of whether they like or understand it or if in fact the trend even makes sense and constantly flaunts the trend and how “hip” they are about it. Some people may think hipsters are bad but a hypebeast is much more extreme according to many critics. Hypebeasts will jump on the bandwagon of anything that is appealing to the young world. In today’s young society, it’s easy to get lost in the “crowd.”

People always feel the need to be accepted and “in the know.” And what better way than to do what everyone else is doing or like what everyone else likes? It’s cool to stay hip and trendy but when you cease to have an opinion of your own is when things start to get bad.

“I’d say it’s just youthful culture, just for fun,” said junior Nick Taylor.

The media has a big hand in how youth acts and thinks. Take an animal as simplistic as the sloth that a few months ago was all but unknown and is now an iconic figure among teens and the Internet. Music is a much more victimized topic of hypebeasts. Back in 2010, a hip-hop group called Odd Future attracted attention from new-found fans and haters alike. People who hadn’t even heard of them were now die hard fans but didn’t know more than two songs by them. Then there is the other side of the spectrum where it became cool to hate on the group. However, when asked to justify their dislike teens don’t have a reason or are following the opinion of another individual altogether. This has happened to more than just Odd Future, a prime example being Justin Bieber.

Clothing is a deal to hypebeasts as well. You see it everyday here at North. People will sensationalize and buy products from clothing labels like Nike or Adidas that are known for sports and athletics but don’t actually do anything athletic themselves but instead want to look hip and portray a certain image.

In all things pertaining to a hypebeast you either really love something or really hate something- there is no inbetween. People like this, who have this type of black/white mindset, usually won’t be swayed until the trend changes or something else becomes more interesting and popular. Many things people become hypebeasts over start out as a silly trend like the viral “Harlem Shake” videos, and then after awhile people can’t tell the difference between what is a joke and what is real.

“They just take some things too far,” said sophomore Ben Cosgrove.

The food pizza has become sensationally popular in the past few months to the point of people proclaiming themselves “Pizza Gods.” Todays youth seems to take something that has a general buzz around it and then blows it out of proportion.

Not all hypebeasts are bad. Some people who get caught up in the hype actually end up becoming real fans or supporters of the musician or artist or company. In our young culture its pretty hard not to become a hypebeast about something at some point in your life, its in our nature.

“I have been a hypebeast one or two times in my life, but majority of the time I don’t really care for the trends that come up.” said junior Braxton Johnson.

We just have to know when to draw the line.