Obama’s Policies That Will Help Teens Here In Florissant, Missouri


For K-12

•President Obama proposed a $30 billion investment in modernizing America’s schools and community colleges as part of his FY13 budget proposal. This proposal would enhance the conditions of America’s schools and better prepare students for jobs.

•As a part of his American Jobs Act of 2011, Obama plans to offer incentives for college graduates seeking a teaching position, so that kids can receive the best teaching from the best teachers fit for the job.


For a higher education 

•Obama plans to keep the rates on government subsidized loans at 3.4% for all students seeking help from the federal government to pay for college.

•Obama hopes to lower the costs of tuition rates, and creating a more efficient and reliable system for students to help them afford college and manage debt.


For the future

•Obama plans to strengthen the teaching profession with his “RESPECT” project, that will grant $5 billion worth of grants to states and districts that commit to pursuing bold reforms in the teaching profession

•Obama plans to redesign No Child Left Behind, to encourage success in America’s schools and raising standards, while simultaneously closing the achievement gap.