Not yet time to go

Lara Hamdan, Editor-in-chief


It’s finally time. The date that the class of 2013 had been looking forward to for the past four years is finally becoming a reality. On May 19th, tears will be shed, but smiles will be rejoiced. Much of our handwork will finally make sense to us as we turn the next chapter in our lives. However, you can’t have a future without a past.

The last four years here at McCluer North have been such a journey for my peers and me. We have learned so much about ourselves, who we’ve become, and who we set out to be. If I could give just one piece of advice to underclassmen, it would simply be this: make your time here count and be somebody. It’s not just all about being the star varsity player or number one in your class ranks. It’s about being the best McCluer North Star you can be. Be involved with your school, join clubs in your interests, and always lend a helping hand with school events. Don’t take your education for granted, because there are some people in this world whose dream is to sit in that desk. There are schools less than 20 minutes away that wish to have the credentials we possess.

I feel my fair share of being involved in McCluer North was successful. I joined a sport, I made sure to be an honor student and challenge myself. I also took my passion for writing journalism and after a few years of dedication, I worked my position into becoming Editor in Chief of our Star Gazer. Aside from that, I volunteered to help out in Special Olympics, became a member of Senior Committee and helped with the putting together of homecoming, along with other things.

When you become involved, you get to see the beauty of being in a school. You make connections with students and people you would have never thought you would encounter. I have made such friendly connections with the teachers here and I know that I can depend on them when I need them in the future because of the guidance they have showed me.

Because of my good experiences, I plan on coming back to North, not necessarily as a teacher, but I will make sure to check back on the people who made me into who I am today. I owe them the world. So thank you, this is not a goodbye, it’s only the beginning.