Why fix what’s not broken?


Jennifer Fowler, Editor-in-chief

By: Jennifer Fowler


Spirit Week is a privilege granted to the students of North, allowing them to express their Star Pride over the course of five days leading up to Homecoming. It’s an annual tradition. And although the themes vary, the senior class adopts their own special Spirit Week.

The administration has stated that the spirit attire should fit the spirit of the day that the school sponsors. However, some seniors dress how they like out of tradition. As long as they comply with school dress code and are spirited, they should be allowed to display their self-expression. This is the overarching theme of Spirit Week altogether.

Spirit Week is one week out of many, and if the seniors carry their weight they are more of deserving of their own custom week. It’s one that’s anticipated every year. It’s a tradition to let them be different from the rest of the class, as they are the leaders of the school. Sure, some students can overstep boundaries, but things are only deemed inappropriate if they don’t follow dress code.

Although there are rules that come along, the class of 2014  should be able to showcase their school spirit whole-heartedly, with as much originality as they want. Spirit Week is designed to exude school spirit, and the seniors should be allowed to express that how they please.