Ferguson Staff Editorial


Staff Editorial


Patience is imperative during a lull in Ferguson chaos

Staff Editorial

It has been two months since Michael Brown was killed on West Florissant Avenue, in broad daylight, and here is still a noticeable tension in St. Louis. North County is captivated in rage, which is prevalent in the streets, the city council meetings, and the schools.
Some students have walked the halls with shirts that said phrases such as ‘’Justice for Mike Brown’’ and ‘’Hands up, don’t shoot.’’ They have also been part of the nightly protests that occurred, as well as directly affected by the rioting and looting. For students that live in Ferguson, life has been unsettling.
There are no true answers, as everyone wonders the same question: will there be justice for Mike Brown?
If the community wants an answer, it’s important that students band together instead of tearing down their home, due to mixed opinions and headstrong attitudes.
No one knows what happened that day, unless they were at the site in the presence of the situation. No one knows why the young man was shot, or where Darren Wilson is. What’s important is that the truth is uncovered before decisions are made. Universally, we all know that a verdict needs to be reached.
With an extension granted by the judge, the grand jury’s decision date may not be known until January. Before this decision impacts the city, it’s imperative that students stay patient and informed. Arguments on Facebook and Twitter will only worsen the situation.
Be an advocate for what you believe in, but do not be ignorant in your statements. No one knows the whole truth. In a situation like this, in a city like St. Louis, it’s important to be meticulous in the decisions you make, as well as the things you say.