Modern Feminism


freshicon_73For the love of Feminism

By Brittany Minor/Web Editor

It is true that in the last century women have managed to make great advancements in society. From higher education and voting rights to earning our own place in the workforce and proving that motherhood is not the only option, women have managed to reach heights that generations previous would never have imagined.
We have fought tooth and nail to earn respect in society, and it is that fight for equality that has led to the labeling of we who support the idea of equality of the sexes, whether man or woman, as feminist.
I am a feminist. A feminist, as it is most commonly quoted from Chimamanda Ngozi and as it is defined, is  “a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.” Someone who believes that though there are naturally inescapable biological differences between the sexes, those differences should not hinder our ability to stand as equals to men in society, politics or the economy.
Thus women fight. We fight for equal pay, because 78 cents to the dollar makes no sense and because there is no reason women doing equal work should make less money. We fight for a level playing field in politics because critics have said women couldn’t hold down the oval office. We fight to be seen as respected members of society by proving that we have much to offer to the growth of our communities. We fight for equality and nothing but, and I believe that is a point that isn’t made often enough.
There are a few extremely common misconceptions of feminism and feminist. The first and the hardest to overlook is the connection people often make between feminist and female supremacist. Female supremacy is the belief in the inherent superiority of women. People often confuse radical feminist with female supremacist, labeling them with terms like “femi-nazi,” when the whole point of feminism is to demolish the idea of one sex being superior to the other.
There is also this far off notion amongst people that being a feminist means being a woman fighting for women’s rights. Long story short, to any and all men who believe in the idea of equality of the sexes: you are in one-way or another, a feminist. For some reason men are often reluctant to title themselves as such and they’re not the only ones.
One of the most disappointing issues that arise with feminism, to me, is the fact that a lot of women, especially younger girls, are reluctant to consider themselves feminist. There is a certain level of fear that comes with being considered a feminist that doesn’t come with simply being synonymously called “a women’s rights advocate,” or another title of that degree.
Due to incorrect definitions and shrewd misconceptions many are afraid to be seen as feminist. It’s due most impart to the mixing up of feminism and female supremacy and once the difference is understood, the acceptance of the term I believe will become widely accepted.
For if a woman cannot say that she fights for who rights, then who will?