Gay Rights

Michael Redden, Staff Reporter

It is a basic fact that LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer) is controversial. For proof,  you can compare all the countries by their gay rights and laws. You will find the western countries and most parts of Europe all generally accept LGBTQ. However, looking at the Mid-Eastern countries, one can tell that homosexuality in any form is unacceptable. In parts of Africa, and the Eastern peninsula, being gay is a heinous crime. The punishments can range from 10 years in jail to an execution.

A person can be tried for speaking out for the LGBTQ community or engaging in sexual acts regarding homosexuality or expressing your sexuality publicly. Seven countries issue the death penalty, all in Africa and the middle-east, including Iran. ISIS has been performing public execution on homosexuals in Iraq, being extreme enough to videotape throwing a man off a roof and stoning him. Then, posting the video on social media. ISIS also released a video of a firing squad killing a gay couple. Two police, known as Hisbah, blindfolded the two men and drove them to an open area. A man pulled the two out from the vehicle, sat them down, removed their blindfolds and fired one shot into the back of their head. The camera then focuses in on the bleeding wound and showed it spilling from his head. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and radical. It doesn’t represent the idea of acceptance and the ideal of respecting humanity that Muslims practice. begins to list multiple lines from the Quran, bringing them all together to say “the purpose is to ensure that the unity of humanity is never compromised and the differences that exist among people are resolved through a process of mutual understanding on the basis of ideas that are divine revealed.”

Furthermore, rumor has been spread out about Russia creating Nazi-like camps for gay people, that weren’t active since World War 2, as well. These kidnapped individuals were forced to tell about other gay men and people within the area; the more they told, the longer they stayed in the camp. In America, LGBTQ is acceptable according to law, as in France, Spain, Japan, Germany and some other countries.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep people from exhibiting hate for LGBTQ, which I believe to be unacceptable in every single way.

Many people choose to justify their “hate” with religion, most the time Christianity. Christians will say things such as “God has forsaken you” or that “God hates you.” Backing this claim is Leviticus 18 & 20, with the repeated message “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman.” Though, in contradiction, Mark 12:31 simply states, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Generally, in other religions, the basic message is “Don’t be cruel to other people.”

In most Christian countries like the U.S. or France, LGBTQ laws do not follow Christian ideas and focus more on fairness for everyone. Although, in certain countries, Islamic ideas do influence laws of the land and do also affect LGBTQ. This is what allows Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Mauritania to execute LGBTQ members and homosexuals, all of which abide by Islamic laws (Saudi Arabia and Iran follow different sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia respectively, but also allow the idea of executing LGBTQ).

My basic message is that to hate LGBTQ is to hate humanity, while everything some people are taught is to love everyone, or “Love thy neighbor.” These individuals have families, friends, and loved ones. They are humans just as much as their families, friends and loved ones, as well as the people who antagonize them. They deserve as much treatment as any heterosexual, cisgendered person gets regularly. Their only difference is that they have the bravery to admit something that has been defaced by society. The hypocrisy that we allow to be publicized is profound and only shows how caring, fair, and kind some people are to individuals they don’t exactly understand. Admittedly, homosexuality and genderqueer is scary, because it “breaks” this system we’ve put in place and have gotten so comfortable with that it is confusing people. They don’t know what to do, so they mask their fear with hate and anger. This is just like the Civil Rights issue, where the KKK dehumanized African Americans and put on a lower class. This is just like the Holocaust, where the Nazis dehumanized and even eradicated Jewish people. For people to show disdain for LGBTQ or choose to disapprove of it is just as worse as ISIS, the Nazis, or even the KKK. This is just another barrier that people need to break past, that needs to be broke past. LGBTQ individuals are still humans. To hate even a singular human goes against any teaching that they’ve learned.