Using Technology for Good

Hannah Maxedon, Staff Reporter

In the world today, everywhere you go, you see people using technology. Look to the right and to teens are “too obsessed” with their phones, or their computers. They think that the new generation of young people spend altogether too much time on technology. What they don’t know is what everyone is doing with their phones. If you look on most any social media, you will see people lifting up others that previously didn’t fit into societal norms. There are many campaigns featuring plus sized women modeling. This lifts up young girls that aren’t the same shape as their Barbie doll realize that they are beautiful too. Getting on the internet, you can find young people passionately sharing their beliefs about what is going on in the world, and what they think could improve. Many times, you will see teens raising awareness on subjects that they truly care about. For example, recently, the social media world exploded with information on the large amount of missing girls. The way that teens are using technology has shifted from the ways of the past. Many people of older generations don’t see the things that we see when they watch us sitting on our phones. They think we are simply wasting our time on trivial matters. Maybe sometimes, we are. Our technology is a way to talk to our friends, or to watch funny videos. However; that is not always what we’re doing. We have this technology at our fingertips, and we are just starting to get into understanding how we can help the world with it. If you look to the left, there is most likely someone on a smartphone or some kind of tablet. Maybe those people are using their technology for something important, maybe not. Either way, I hope that older generations will soon be able to see all of the ways that young people are bettering the world and society with our technology and social media.