Behind the Facts



Madison Henke, Staff Reporter

Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characters. Racism has an impact on both individuals who experience it and the wider community.

The movie “Get Out” was released on February 24th, 2017. The storyline is about a young African American man (Chris) who visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s family (Rose) estate where he learns other African American residents have gone missing. After having an odd encounter with the police puts them on edge, Chris becomes aware of increasingly strange and potentially murderous behavior. He realizes he has been auctioned off to have his body inhabited by the highest white bidder. Apparently it is Rose’s family business and Chris just happens to be one of their many victims. When an African American man on the estate warns him to “get out,” he soon learns this is easier said than done. The movie is rated R for violence, bloody images, and language including sexual references. According to states that the film shows how scary it is to be a black man in America and that the film reveals the horror of liberal racism in America. The movie shows many different aspects including: the illicit of mixed relationships, eugenics which is the improving of human population by controlled breeding, the slave trade, African American men dying first in horror movies, local racism and police brutality.
According to, filmmaker, Jordan Peele takes many racial themes and takes them extreme in “Get Out.” Peele uses these modes of horror to make viewers feel what daily life is like for real black men and women. The horror also explains what young black men have to do to survive in our white society.

According to, an unknown source states, “100 percent anti-white film used as a propaganda. White shaming white women to date black guys or they are racist. Standard ‘it’s so tough to be a black person’ nonsense. White people are evil bla bla bla…black people are persecuted bla bla bla. This movie was poorly acted and directed. Wooden cast. Its forgettable if it weren’t for the disgusting racism involved and a Hollywood narrative. Sadly I wasted my money on this so I can be insulted on this D-level ‘thriller.’”

I disagree with this unknown source. The movie was able to use a mixture of sketch comedy and stand-up to talk frankly about race. They approached the topic in a way to make white people feel comfortable. I feel that racism was used in the story line help add detail to the story. The director makes the movie frame violent black resistance as a necessity born of desperation. Black resistance movements in the United States have long been demonized and punished for even the hint of potential violence. For instance, throughout the film Chris is strategically silent while embracing racist behaviors. It is clear that he learns this through countless social interactions. The film emphasizes his fear and patient attempts to stay calm and to be on his best behavior to show the life threatening danger of his situation. In real life, black struggles coexist within white society which is that the black individual is the problem.

White feminism is portrayed as bluff. In the movie, Rose is the body of “white feminism” which prioritizes what white woman want and need while ignoring social issues faced by minorities. Rose is constantly dismissive of Chris’s concerns of her family. She is asserting that her family is not racist. When she does defend him against the suspicions of a racist local local police officer, she does by speaking over his objections for him. A common criticism of white feminism is that white woman want to be seen as supportive of minorities as long as their interests are the same, but the moment things change a problem arises. They then support their own interest at the expense of minority groups. The moment when crisis arrives in the film this is made clear. She is only supportive of Chris to manipulate him. Rose’s form of racism is more a polite way, but is still racist.

Peele also uses white microaggressions which are framed as masking real dehumanization. A microaggression is a seemingly innocuous casual comment or gesture that’s typically used to dismiss and degrade the experience and identities of women and minorities and other marginalized people. The power of a microaggression is that it’s often framed as casual ignorance, so if you get mad about it, you look like the over sensitive one. When Chris endures a social nightmare, a garden full of rich white people who invade his space, touch him without permission and objectify him physically and sexually. The comments he receives are not attempts to interact with him, it is to dehumanize him. He also used code switching which is portrayed as a tool to make white people more comfortable. The movie uses code switching as a way to work against the self-interests of black men and women because it can make social interactions all about white people’s comfort rather than their own. Chris’s code switching does nothing but increase the danger he is in. In a crucial moment, one of the victims is able to break free and warn Chris that he is in danger. In that moment, he switches back to the person he used to be, and Chris realizes that he know and recognizes him. This becomes the key moment that allows Chris to figure out that something is seriously wrong. Seeing through code switching to a more authentic identity becomes a vital survival tool.