The Third Gender

Michael Redden, Staff Reporter

Germany has officially recognized the third gender under law, meaning that citizens who do not identify as one of the common binary genders will be respected as their appropriate, non-binary gender. This is the third gender Germany refers to, gender neutral.

When someone feels they do not fit in either category of being male or female, one or the other, they are non-binary. Non-binary includes many different identifications, including Demigender (partial identification to a gender, such as demigirl or demiboy), genderfluid (the identification of multiple, fluctuating genders that change over time, usually day by day), and even agender (no form of identification of any gender.) More often than not, non-binary individuals will use different pronouns aside from the usual “he” or “she”. People who identify as non-binary prefer pronouns such as “they” or “them” because these words are gender neutral, or do not refer to specifically male or female people. Other forms of gender neutral pronouns include xe and ze.

It has become a common joke and meme, however, to dismiss the ideas of gender neutrality and non-binary genders due to its admittedly complicated nature. There are three different forms of gender neutral pronouns commonly used for non-binary identifying people, many different forms and specific identifications, as well as its sudden rise in popularity.

Some who disagree with the third gender claim that it opposes religious ideas, and explain that God does not think fondly of people who do not conform and live as the gender they were born with. They believe gender is invariable and cannot be changed or adjusted, or, a proper word to use, corrected. Religious ideologists suggest that there are only two genders and that is final, no in between or transition. However, this idea is ignorant and hypocrisy.

Take, for example, Christians, and how they first formed as followers to a new, widespread religion. When Jesus Christ was roaming the middle east, performing miracles, he grew such a large following that the Roman Empire viewed him as a threat and killed him. After crucifying Christ, they continued onto his followers, whom at the time were heretics to the Roman empire. Eventually, Christianity became a common house conversation, everywhere you go you find different symbolism representing one of the most popular worldly religions. Very few people view Christianity as this absurd belief that should be immediately burned and forgotten from history.

Christianity brought light and refuge to those who needed it most, gave people some sort of hope during the Roman Empire when they felt lost. It allowed minorities a say and a voice, and comfort. These basic offerings that Christianity brought are no different from the third gender for many others. The third gender offers people more comfort by giving them some sort of identity that bests suits these people, allowing them to feel a more complete personality rather than fulfilling norms. They’d choose their individuality over mainstreams ideals of normal gender, male or female.

They hypocrisy lies where Christians, who are to “love thy neighbor”, disrespect and shun these individuals for their foreign ideas. Christians, however, were disrespected and shunned for their own foreign ideas during their birth within the Roman Empire. True Christians, one would think, should embrace these gender neutral people, and go about their day pay in them no mind other than enjoying God’s unique creation. Instead, some believe that God created no more than two genders and that was final, without debate.

The third gender is a complicated subject, at times, and so some disregard it due to its complexity and would rather make memes and jokes on the topic. There are a larger amount of specific genders to choose from within the gender neutral, intimidating some and making them less desired to educate themselves on the matter. The third gender has a lot of content that can seem different and foreign, just making it overall unappealing to those who do not grasp the concept of the third gender. People will often make the joke “I sexually identify as an Apache Attack Helicopter”, which, to no surprised, is not a real gender but a common joke based on the idea of having a complicated and different gender that opposes normal gender roles and does not fit in the categories of male and female at all, whatsoever.

Slowly taking the time to understand the third gender is key to being an overall better human being. A better person would understand that individuality means variety, diversity. Gender is almost like hair; everybody is born with hair and they’re has a color to it. Everyone has different hair shapes and colors, making a variety. If one were to change their hair to something foreign and unheard of such as purple and pink, they are promoting their individuality. Even shaving one’s head, akin to having no gender at all (agendered), is a viable option and is valid. The third gender is valid and very much real.