Hooptie of the Month


Xavier Harris, Staff Reporter

Receiving your license is like the teen’s right of passage. For senior Daryl Goodlow, it was no different.

However, after being turned down the car of his choice, Goodlow had to go through with showing his      friends his “hooptie,” his older sister’s 1994 Ford Tempo.

The 17-year-old car has seen its share of wear and tear. With it’s lack luster paint, small crack in the bumper, and a few side flame decals; the car strives to be something it’s not.

“At first they laughed and made fun of it, but then they realized we had transportation,” said Goodlow.

The car hasn’t been so bad to Goodlow’s pocket either, with great miles per gallon and a few dollars from friends. Goodlow can afford driving around town and not filling up for at least two weeks.

“The car’s packed [with people] every time the key is in the ignition,” said senior Javon Cody.

Goodlow even admitted to driving with at least 10 people in his coupe in horrible weather conditions from the Galleria on a Saturday night.

With seniors Dashawn Gooding, Devin Penson, Javon Cody, and others; Goodlow has no problem sporting his “Hooptie of the Month.”