Paws in the pool


Kaylah McClellan, Staff Reporter

From big dogs to small dogs, old dogs to young dogs, boxers to labradors, the dog swim at Koch Park Family Aquatic Center held August 20-21 was pretty much a free for all. Although the cost was $10 per dog and owner, 75 dogs participated in this dog swim, three of which are pets to North teachers.

Ms. Hancock’s dog, Lucy, was one of the many dogs at the swim. She is a 1-year-old Australian shepherd. Hancock’s dog seemed to have too much fun at the dog swim.

“She some how found her way to the lazy river area,” laughed Hancock.

The Lazy River area was one of the “No Go Zones” at the swimming pool that day. The lifeguards had to chase after Lucy to get her out.

“That was one of the funniest moments of the day,” said Mr. Kern.

Kern was also there with his dog, Ruby. She is a 11-year-old chocolate labrador. Kern and Ruby attend about 3 to 4 dog swims a year around the St. Louis area. Ruby is what you may call a professional at this event. She knows a few tricks such as “dock diving” where she would jump off the edge and catch the ball before landing in the pool.

The swims are very organized and great for the dogs. All the money made goes to the dog park located in Duchesne Park, 5 Brower Lane in Florissant.

“It’s great to see all the returning people every year and their dogs,” said resident Bill Couch, who is a North graduate of the class of 1982.

This was Ms. Amanda Hall and her dog Dozer’s first year at the dog swim. Dozer is a 2-year-old boxer who didn’t really know how to swim.

“I just threw him in the deep end and he just kind of learned,” said Hall.

Ms. Hall is also a manager at Koch Park and she loved how all the dogs got along and played together. She liked seeing how all the different breeds interacted with each other.

Owners enjoyed the dog swim and plan or participating again next year. The North County Journal advertises the dog swim every year. Those who are interested in next year’s swim can call Koch Park.