Success by learning


Lara Hamdan, Staff Reporter

Every school dreams of having a top-notch education record with high test scores, active involvement and a good reputation. Of course, these achievements can not occur on their own. It requires effort from the school community as a whole. There are many things a school might do to reach that goal.

One program that McCluer North uses along with the other schools in the Ferguson-Florissant school district is High Achievement For All (HAFA); a program that many students of different genders and backgrounds meet to discuss educational barriers and statistics in the school, district, state, nation, and even worldwide. Any student is welcome to join, as long as they are ready to discuss and be engaged.

The sponsor this year for HAFA is Mr. Frazier, the assistant principal for the freshmen class. In the years past, it was former assistant principal, Mr. Spiller.

Mr. Frazier has three rules he expects his team to follow: 1. Speak about what is true to you, 2. Respect others idea, 3. Be ready to discuss things that you might find to be difficult for you to discuss because of your own ideas.

“This team of students can find solutions to help create a better learning environment,” Frazier stated.

Seniors Vanessa Alexander and Kiara Quinn both agree. Frazier encourages more upperclassmen to join to help out the freshman in the team, and to inform and prepare them for the years to come.

“Freshmen don’t have their mind set on school, unlike senior year, where they try to raise their GPA’s,” Quinn stated.

Alexander’s advice to under classmen is, “Don’t take your education for granted, and it’s never too late to start getting serious and work hard.

Alexander also feels that the club will help benefit her public speaking skills, since the team debates and discusses different ways to approach a variety of problems. It also keeps her aware of educational issues occurring locally and worldwide.

Sophomore Mayson Clayton also attended a meeting and agrees that students don’t focus enough in school.

“I don’t like it [school] but I still try to do well since I know it will help greatly in the future,” Clayton stated. That’s the advice he also recommends to his peers.

Whether you plan to attend once or every meeting, you will sure be informed with the discussions and plans our school hopes to achieve in the near future. Any student is welcome to join. HAFA meets every first Tuesday of the month in the school library, and snacks will be provided. Future meeting dates are January 10, February 7, March 6, April 3 and May 8.