The honor Stars


Lara Hamdan, Staff Reporter

In February, there were three ways the school recognized good students for their achievements first semester.

1. Out of 1,600 students, 881 have received zero referrals and were awarded a snack to go along with their lunches.

2. A total of 155 students who have zero referrals and a 4.0 G.P.A and were awarded the snack, and a t-shirt.

3. There were 32 students who had taken the extra step to come to school everyday and received perfect attendance. They were awarded with the snack, the t-shirt and a catered lunch that was sponsored by the PTG.

Assistant principal Mr. Birch has become the new PTG administrator, taking over past principal Mr. Spiller’s duties.

“Those students who received the 4.0 and perfect attendance will receive an honor medal and a certificate for their hard work at the lunch,” Birch said.

It takes dedication to show up to school everyday, stay focused, and achieve a superb G.P.A. There were 32 students this year that showed that dedication. They agree that to help with your school career and your future schooling, good attendance can help. Freshman Melissa Henniger correlates her attendance with her schoolwork.

“I come to school everyday because I don’t want to fall behind in my classes,” she said.

Sophomore Jeremy House strives for a high G.P.A and perfect attendance to look forward to his future. He achieves his high grades by looking over his notes he had for the day each night.

“I want to get my work done and go to college with a scholarship,” he said.

Junior Manuel Bolanos and Senior Taylor Laramie both agree that you have to work hard to achieve good grades and do well in school.

“Your college and future depends on what you did during your high school years, so you should do well now so your future is clear,” Laramie said. Bolanos’ future is his motivation for during his best.

“I’m looking towards my future, and my advice on doing well in school is just do your best and have star pride,” he said.

Doing your best does have its advantages and disadvantages.

“Sometimes I do have to stay up all night for my studies, but I know this is part of the way to becoming successful during high school, and that is worth it to me,” Laramie said.

These are the following 32 students who have a 4.0 GPA, no absences, tardies, or referrals. They are the true Stars in the building. They are: Armahni Fearn, Sean Blackwell, Darby Dachroeden, Matthew Graham, Kaitlin Carpenter, James Beane, Courtney Brooks, Damon Clemons, Rachel Franck, Benjamin Burnett, Nicklaus Martchink, Paris Bickley, Joshua Bump, Jeremy House, Joi Latson, Taylor Laramie, Robert Guelbert, Melissa Henniger, Matthias Kappeler, Trevaughn Latimer, Natalie Meyer, Carrie Moore, Benjamin Schultz, Anderson Bell, Manuel Bolanos, Madicyn Costa, Deandre’ Davis, Thomas Gibbons, Neal Metcalf, Andrew Moesner, Makenzie Mueller and Maxwell Pauley.