Double Trouble


By Jackie Schultz

Design Editor

What are the odds that two pairs of twins, born on the same day, would end up going to the same high school?

Both the Tusing and Lilton twins were born on January 28, 1994, and recently celebrated their 18th birthdays. Kody and Kayla Tusing are fraternal twins who have always lived in Florissant, while Amani and Amari Lilton are identical and were born in East St. Louis. All four seniors agree that being a twin is great – there is always someone to listen and be there.

“I love being a twin,” said Amani. “It’s a lot of fun, and I always have someone to talk or argue with. We share everything with each other: food, water, beds, clothes, even our cat.”

Kayla and Kody Tusing also enjoy the perks of being a twin; for example, they take most of their classes together and can help each other with the homework.

“It’s kind of weird to be a twin,” Kody confessed. “Some people don’t even know we are related, while others ask really weird questions.”

His sister Kayla agreed that sometimes people tend to ask obvious questions.

“People ask us strange questions sometimes, like ‘are you identical twins?’ Obviously not, since I’m a girl and Kody is a boy.”

With twins, especially identical ones, it is sometimes easy for one to be outshined by the other, but that is not the case for either the Lilton twins or the Tusing twins.

“When we were younger, people just called us ‘the twins’,” Amani said. “But now that we’re older, we have grown out of that and each created our own separate personalities. I play in the band, and Amari is a cheerleader.”

Kayla and Kody Tusing have also found it easy to maintain their own personalities outside of being a twin.

“We have really different interests,” Kayla said. “I dance and play in the band, and Kody plays soccer and wrestles.”

Both sets of twins tend to gravitate towards quieter birthday celebrations.

“We usually just have a small party with out family and close friends,” Kody said.

The Lilton twins like to spend their birthday with each other.

Our mom bakes two cakes, one for each of us,” Amari said. “”Amani and I usually go out to eat with each other; maybe we’ll watch Sex and the City this year.”