Star Supporters


Madison White, Correspondent

Everyone has their fans but they are usually at their own school. McCluer North has Gateway College of Evangelism cheering the Stars on. Gateway has adopted the Stars as their own basketball team.

“At first they called me ‘Gatorade guy’ until they eventually learned my name,” said freshman DJ Hill. “Now we hang out all the time. McCluer North is like my home now.”

Gateway is a bible college that resides on Howdershell Road. Students go there to pursue their calling to God.

“It’s a small college that tries to find ways to reach its community, our main goal is to evangelize,” said freshman Airian Chambray.

Hill was put in charge of the outreach team at Gateway and wanted to incorporate basketball into his outreaches. He called up three high schools in the area: Hazelwood Central, Hazelwood West and McCluer North.

North is the only school that contacted Hill and Coach Reed welcomed and invited the group to come support the Stars.

Coach Reed introduced Hill to the team. He brought Gatorade and snacks for the players. He also prayed for the players before every game that God would get the glory whether they win or lose.

Gateway has shown the players God’s love and how they should act.

“I really like and appreciate everything they have done for us coming to the game and becoming our own fan club has really helped us come together as a team, and going to church has helped us become better men,” said senior Galen Brown.

Gateway is nothing more than strong supporters who plan to support the Stars next year also by giving them more Gatorade, support, courage and more love.

“Without the support of Gateway, we would be in a slump because we didn’t have many fans and fans give us a confidence boost,” said senior Jordan Granger.