Mr. Sevier has taught at North since 1986


Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter

After 32 hardworking years, English teacher Mr. Sevier has declared that he will be retiring.

“I’m excited about retiring, but I’m also worried because I’m going to miss everyone here,” Sevier admitted.

Throughout all of his years of teaching, Mr. Sevier has been valuable to the students and staff here at North for a strong 26 years.

Sevier became interested in teaching when he saw a girl that caught his eye while he was standing in line for an education class in college. He had told himself that he was going to meet her, so he joined the same line that she was in.

Unfortunately, Sevier missed out on the girl, but it turned out that she was standing in an education line to become a teacher, and this was the start of Sevier’s teaching career.

After deciding on the career that he was interested in, Sevier then ventured off to the University of Missouri to receive his master’s degree in teaching.

Sevier began teaching here at North in 1986. His previous six years were served at Springdale High. The moment that he entered into this school, he loved it. He felt that there was no better school that he would want to teach at, because North was just right for him.

“Teaching here at North has been a total enjoyment and life changing, because of the amazing staff and wonderful students,” says Sevier. “McCluer North will always be a big part of my life.”

Throughout all his 26 years, Sevier has shared many great many memories with the staff and students. He admits that the best moments about being a teacher is when returning students come back and tell you that you have made a difference in their life.

Not only does he teach English, he also is the head coach of the boys’ varsity baseball team, and the assistant coach of the boys’ varsity football team.
As he leaves North, he leaves a few words of advice for all the students that plan to be a teacher in the future.

“In order to be a teacher, you must do well in high school, pick a college that is very good for a teaching career and always be prepared,” Sevier says.
Following his retirement, he plans to improve at golf, and he is going to continue to coach baseball and football.