Receiving hope

Daniel Brown, Staff Reporter

School clubs include many activities where you can participate, make new friends and help relationships with friends grow.

H.O.P.E. (Helping Our Peers Eternally) club is an outlet to meet with other Christians in the school and further develop in your relationship with God. The problem is, most people have never heard of the club before.

This year, members of the club are working on inviting more people to join and to get involved in making them well known among the other clubs. With Ms. Mathias as the sponsor, they are doing everything they can to get more students’ attention.

“The club stands for ‘helping our peers eternally,’ which is our main focus as a group, along with sharing our biblical understandings with each other,” Mathias said. “We also strive to create a friendly, Christ-driven environment within our meetings.”

Members of the club from previous years are excited about the year ahead. They like the sense of being welcomed, the interaction with their friends and the sense of freedom from the boring routine of the week.

Overall, it’s the perfect place to hang out with other students like you, according to senior Kara Gordon.

“I like the sense of community where there is no peer pressure, or anything you would usually find in a normal day of school,” Gordon said. “It’s a good Christian environment to make new friends and to grow in God.”

With meetings every Monday evening from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the upper advisement area, H.O.P.E. club members have many activities to participate in, along with a bible lesson, and a take for prayer request. There are also times where they go on field trips to see things like live nativities.

With a final count of more than 20 members last year, the club is currently working on ways to inform more students about H.O.P.E. club.

H.O.P.E. club began the year with about 15 people. They would like to see a lot more students getting involved in it together, and also having fun. Junior Joi Latson, who frequently attends club meetings, agrees that it’s helpful in her Christian walk.

“It’s a club, but its also a support system,” said Latson. “We all give each other things to help us through the week, like encouraging e-mails.”

“Everyone is invited, and everyone is accepted,” Mathias said. “We hope to see many more members this year than the last.”