Aspiring Accountants

Kamau Miller, Staff Reporter


Harris-Stowe State University hosted an accounting career awareness program for high school students during the last week of July who have an interest in becoming accountants.

North sophomores Eyaan Mahone and Kiona Green were two of the students who attended the program. They stayed on the Harris Stowe campus for one week and didn’t just learn about accounting. They also were able to stay on campus overnight and take classes with college professors, providing them with a small look of what it’s like to be in college.

The professors in the classes didn’t just talk about business, they also spoke about the importance of their grade point averages and college.

“The program was to get us introduced to accounting, business and how to be professional,” Mahone said. They also took field trips to Boeing, Monsanto and Edward Jones. At these places, they met accountants and other people within these businesses getting a look into what it’s like in the business world.

“Going on field trips to Monsanto, Boeing and Edward Jones was a lot of fun because we got to meet some of the employees at Boeing and see the airplanes,” said Kiona Green. “We’ve got to have an inside look on people doing their jobs.”

While the field trips were enjoyable, there’s also work that goes into the program. Everyone at the end of the program had to make a powerpoint presentation on their experiences and what they learned from the Accounting Career Awareness Program. The mentors in the program will continue to contact these students as they go through high school. This program is for all of those who have an interest in accounting or business.

“I most definitely would like to be an accountant because I have an A in math,” said Mahone. “You have to be a people person, send emails and talk on the phone, but I think it will fit me well.”

This is the second year that Harris Stowe has had the accounting program and it’s encouraged that if you’re interested in accounting or business, this is a program you can look into.