Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter


The world is judgmental but something simple can make everyone and everything else not matter.

“I’m weird and I embrace it,” said junior Hayley Pearson. Nobody could have said it better than her. Being different is what this group of friends including juniors Hayley Pearson, Nicole Moore, and freshmen Kennedy Killian, Nora Christian, Alyssa Shelby and Chauncey Patterson is all about.

These people stand out because they are who they are and don’t try to be anyone else. They all have a passion for one thing and that’s an anime show on the Internet called Hetalia.

The characters are named after many countries as in America, Italy, England and many others. Hetalia isn’t shown on T.V. but has 5 to 10 minute online episodes. The show is mostly based off of World War 1 and II and other world history in between. There are also comic books that follow the online season.

This show isn’t very popular because it’s hard to find. The students who were lucky to find it just happened to stumble upon it on the Internet or heard about through family and friends.

Not very many people are into shows like this, but that doesn’t stop these people from loving it. It’s a lifestyle to them.

“I don’t think I can live without it,” said Killian.

They get judged because they don’t like what everyone else likes. That’s the beauty of them.

“People are afraid to be different,” said Killain. “They’re scared of our swag,” added Pearson.

Don’t’ live life scared. “Life’s an adventure,” said Pearson.

They like to draw anime, watch and wish it came to life. Sometimes they think about how it would feel to be their favorite characters.

It’s not OK to judge people on what they love it’s not fair. Everyone enjoys something different but these people aren’t afraid to express it and be themselves.

People in the anime community all understand each other. That’s why they like to go to anime conventions. It brings them closer to people you have the same interest and who have dealt with the judgmental people who don’t accept what they like. It’s their way of feeling free.