Cat scratch fever

Timothy Sutton, Staff Reporter


Doing the right thing can be pretty painful. Ask Dr. Hopper about his attempt at saving a cat from the soccer field sewer.

In late September, Hopper was returning from a funeral. Across the soccer field, he saw district workers by the sewer.

When he walked over to them, he learned that they were attempting to save a cat that was trapped in the sewer. Earlier in the week, a local resident had approached him about a missing cat. He thought this cat was the missing one.

When a worker handed the cat up from the sewer, Hopper reached down and noticed that it wasn’t the cat in the picture. Although it was not the same one the elderly lady was missing, he grabbed it anyway.

When he grabbed it, the cat bit his hand three times very quickly. Hopper then went back to his office to clean up the wounds with his blazer over his shoulder.

“He entered the office looking defeated,” chuckled assistant principal Dr. Schuler.

Hopper went to the emergency room and had to get a tetanus shot. In his right thumb, he has a chipped bone and a bad tendon.

While he will recover, his fellow colleagues gave him some grief about the event.

“Yeah, some of the teachers said some things to me about it,” sighed Hopper.

Despite some teachers making sounds at him such as meows and playing an old Ted Nugent rock song called Cat Scratch Fever, Dr. Hopper still did a good deed, even though it was a painful one.