Skillful work

Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter


The students here at McCluer North in the AP Art Studio class are ready for people to see their work.

They hung up their work for an art show in the Administration Building. The art will continue to stay up there until January 7th.

The AP class in an advanced art basics class and has some very talented people in it. Charles Black, Diamond Brown, Mackenzie Ton, Scott Wescott and many others do the work that is ready for show.

“The art show is hung up every year and it’s always successful,” said art teacher Ms. Morris, “ I want everyone to see their great talents.”

It took about a weeks preparation before putting it all on display and an entire class period to hang everything up.

“It feels like we are honored for our work,” said Diamond Brown being proud of her work.

All kinds of work are hanging up. From paintings and drawings to pastels and mixed media it’s all there. Putting on this art shows prepares students to know how to be able to do them as future artist.

Having projects on show is a great way to show off students’ ability and artistic talents.

“It can lead to a better opportunity and let people see what I can do,” said Charles Black.

Also some art basic work is in there. The best of the best is out there to see. Stop and take a look at the skill that some classmates here at school have. It’s not too late to see what’s out there.