Pick a card, any card

Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter


If you asked the students at McCluer North what they liked to do in their spare time, many of them would probably respond with having fun on social networking sites, going out with their friends, or playing sports. But what you rarely hear as a hobby is performing magic tricks. Mike Hughley and Nick Whiteside are two students at McCluer North who are breaking that norm.
Michael “Magic Mike” Hughley is a quiet senior who relatively keeps to himself. He walks the hallways just like any other student, trying to navigate his way to his classes. But if you catch him alone, he’ll approach you eagerly, asking “You want to see a magic trick?” He’ll pull out a deck of cards, and amaze you as you sit in a nearby empty desk.
“I’ve been practicing magic for about three years,” Hughley said. “I was just bored one day, and after I checked out this website, I went to go buy some cards.”
Hughley specializes in mainly card predicting tricks. “They’re the easiest for me to do.”
His most famous consists of:
Picking a card.
Remembering It.
Putting it in the middle of the deck.
He flips the deck, then spreads it.
He’ll ask you if you see yours.
You nod your head yes, not sure of where this is going.
He’ll put the deck back together, and shuffle it.
He’ll pick four cards.
He’ll ask you to tap two.
He’ll take those away.
He’ll ask you to tap one.
He’ll take that one away.
The last card remaining will be yours, and you’ll stand in disbelief.
“Most people’s reactions are ‘Oh my God!’ or ‘Do that again!’. They always seemed shocked. But it’s great.”
Hughley said he does magic to make others smile, because he doesn’t smile much.
But while his skills will surprise you, the senior doesn’t see magic in his future.
“I plan on playing baseball, and though this is nice, that’s what I want to be known for.”
Junior Kalen Lewis has seen several of Mike’s tricks, and confesses that he thought it was strange at first that he always had a deck of cards on hand.
“It was pretty cool when I first saw him, he can draw a crowd,” he said.
Lewis likes that there are magicians emerging at the school, because not everyone’s doing the same thing.
“It adds variety to the school,” he said.
A friend of Hughley’s, sophomore Nick Whiteside, is also a skilled magician. Whiteside is much more reserved, and doesn’t prefer people coming up to him demanding a performance.
“I don’t really want to be known,” he admitted.
While he might not want a plethora of attention coming his way, Whiteside loves performing magic tricks.
“I’ve been doing it for about two years. One day I didn’t come to school, so I went on Youtube and saw a magic trick video that was featured, and I watched it,” he said. “I decided it was pretty cool, so I went to the store and bought a pack of cards.”
He then continued to watch videos on the internet, and read books about magic. It became a hobby he really enjoyed.
Whiteside also performs a lot of card tricks, but considers himself more of a gambler.
“My favorite is the Three Card Monty.”
The card game consists of:
Three cards
One of them is different than the other two
He shuffles them
You bet money on the card you think is different
He flips over the card
You either win or lose your money
Whiteside likes to do card tricks because they’re quick.  He explained that most people don’t have time to stand and wait, so he has to get to the point. But the sophomore isn’t limited to just card tricks.
“I can swallow fire as well, really.” he claimed.
Well, a fire swallower or rookie magician, Whiteside is talented, and is happy he’s found something he can have fun with.
Michael “Magic Mike” Hughley and Nick Whiteside add definite flavor to the mix of students at McCluer North. With their unique talents, they’ll be sure to surprise you. Stop them in the hallway one day, and ask to be amazed. They won’t disappoint.