Kamau Miller, Staff Reporter


McCluer North is a large school with nearly 2,000 students so it’s impossibleto know each and every student who goes to McCluer North. Freshman Trevion Brown passed away unexpectedly on February 7th.

“I was shocked and deeply saddened when I heard the news that Trevion had passed away because he was only fourteen and was such a nice young man,” said Ms.Trafford who was one of Trevion’s teachers. While there are some stand out students many fly under the radar and sometimes go unnoticed.

“Trevion was quiet, stayed to himself, and wasn’t a problem in my class,” said Mrs. Burns another one of Trevion’s teachers. Trevion had goals of wanting to be successeful and improving in school and whenever he had questions wasn’t afraid to ask one of his teachers.

“There was something he didn’t understand in class but after I explained it to him he smiled,” said Ms. Burns. Ms. Trafford attended the wake for Trevion and got the chance to see some of Trevion’s relatives.

“There were a lot of people that attended the wake and everywhere I looked I saw people crying and mourning and I could tell he was very loved,” said Ms. Trafford. Trevion Brown was known for his quiet and reserved demeanor and bright smile and will be missed by his loved ones.