A craze that no one can resist

Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter


It’s safe to say that social media is a craze that now almost no one can resist.

Teenagers are always eager to discover the next new thing that enables them to connect with others; whether it be a network where you can share your thoughts, photos and interests, a site where a simple SMS message has an impact, or an application where photos share stories. But as we all wonder at one point or another, what’s next? What will emerge after the hype of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fades away?

Sophomore Taylor Roberson admits she is addicted to the social networking craze, claiming to spend up to five hours a day on Twitter.

“I love it because you can tweet whatever you want. There’s a lot of stuff to do on there, like talk to friends and post pictures,” Roberson said.

Roberson also says she has a Facebook, an Instagram, and an EyeEm, with new picture sharing app EyeEm being the latest addition.

“It’s just like Instagram, but everyone has one now. People just like to move onto something bigger and better.”

Roberson says social network fads last up to a year, and as they change rapidly, she couldn’t live without them.

“It’s the in thing to do,” she explained. “People will classify you as lame if you’re not doing what they’re doing.”

Michael Bertel feels a bit differently, as he has a Facebook account, but hasn’t made it a priority.

“I get on about one hour a day,” the junior laughed. “I prefer texting or calling people, or actually hanging out with them to get to know them.”

He’s noticed the photo sharing application Instagram getting an immense amount of popularity, but refuses to join.

“I don’t see the point!” he said. “I see those same people every day.”

Bertel also adds that you only hear about new social media crazes for about a month, then people move on.

“People just get tired of the same old thing. They all move on to something new. It’s what everyone does,” he said.

Bertel hasn’t considered moving on to something new, he’s happy where he is.

“I prefer Facebook overall, because you can keep up with your friends and express yourself.”

Another fan of Facebook is senior Kenyon Owens. But he can’t help but fall into the trap that other networks have to offer.

“I have a Faceook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and EyeEm,” he said. “But Instagram is my favorite.”

He explains that there are a lot of his peers that have an Instagram, and that he likes it because it enables one to upload pictures, edit them with a filter and comment on others.

“I spend about four hours on it a day,” he confessed.  “But now EyeEm is becoming more popular.”

Owens estimates that this trend will last for about six months, because “people always ruin it by posting weird stuff, or they stop getting on it.”

But he claims it won’t make a difference to him anyways, as says he could live without social media.

“It’s just the Internet.”

Although it is “just the Internet,” most students can’t go a day without checking their Facebook or Twitter.

The cultural impact social media has left on human beings has made it something that we cannot ignore. No matter what the trend is, there will always be something someone will ask you if you’re part of, and it will connect you and many others.