Frosted pieces of heaven

Sarah Eades, Photo Editor


There are many special qualities about senior Alexis Bridges. She is in numerous honors classes, excels at violin, and is kind to everyone she meets. But there is one special quirk to her that has made her somewhat famous among her peers: she bakes cupcakes.

Bridges has been baking since the fall of 2011. She went into her kitchen and started playing with ingredients until she created a Red Velvet cupcake, the original cupcake that led her to her passion.

“I think I was just really bored one day,” said Bridges with a laugh.

Over the past 18 months, her skills have progressed. Bridges also makes cakes, cookie cakes, pies and other desserts. She gets more experience with her job as a cake decorator at Coldstone Creamery.

She does many decorations, but her favorite is a mustache she makes out of molded chocolate.

Bridges’ cupcakes are a hit amongst her classmates. One student who asks for Bridges’ cupcakes frequently is senior Keith Reece.

“Is hyper-delicious a word?” said Reece. “Because super-delicious doesn’t cover it.”

One of the things Alexis does on her close friend’s birthdays is bring them a box full of cupcakes. She enjoys seeing the smile on her friends face when they receive the gift.

“If I can give somebody a cupcake on their birthday and it makes them feel special, it feels really nice,” said Bridges.

Senior Kenzie Ton has been friends with Alexis for six years. For his birthday, Bridges created an Asian food inspired cupcake using Gobstoppers as broccoli, and Dubble Bubble as carrots delivered in a Chinese take out box.

“She surprised me,” said Ton. “I think she is very creative, and it was very special.”