Time for business

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter


Seniors Aaron Mallett and Briana Moore have succeeded both in and out of the classroom. Due to all the great accomplishments these two have made with their academics and the moral beliefs, it turns out they are now the presidents of new youth program that has been established here at North.

The College Assurance Society has started a program here that helps students have a positive foundation of morals and social development, while creating academic awareness as well.

“At first, I thought that this was going to be a big responsibility, but in the end I knew that I was going to be able to handle it,” said Mallett.

“In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I was okay with it,” said Moore.

College Assurance Society is the result of a man named Earnest Bradley, who serves as the CEO, and has brought the College Assurance Society to other local high schools as well.

“I began this, because the youth is our future, so there should be someone or something that will lead them in the right direction,” said Bradley.

Although this program is predominantly led by students, Bradley’s role is to motivate and keep them on a positive note.

The program began in Riverview Gardens High School and it now exists in all the high schools of the Ferguson-Florissant School District, and many other high schools in the St. Louis and East St. Louis area.

College Assurance is divided in two sections. There is a men’s side called Men on Business, where Mallett is the president, and there is also a women’s side, called Ladies of Success, where Moore is the president.

The program is opened to any student who is interested in joining. To join, you must first participate in Transformation Day, which is when the members dress up in nice clothing that is topped off with a tie. This day is held every Thursday, and it shows that an individual is able to go outside of the norms of the casual clothing that is often seen throughout a high school.

After participating in Transformation Day, you will then have to consult with either Mallett or Moore to talk more about your initiation.

Not only do the members participate in Transformation Day, but also on that Thursday, they will have a meeting in the cafeteria to discuss ideas that will help better the program and the community in which they live in.

The main goal of this program is promote their motto, which is “from kindergarten to PHD, debt free.” Their motto is basically saying that this program will help improve the lives of many students that are in need of the help, or that just want the help. They will help one develop great routes to college, and often times by joining this program, an individual is able to go college for free.

Mallett and Moore are looking for students who are interested in joining. They have said that you do not have to be a straight A student to join, but someone who respects themselves and others around them.